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The philosophy of Military Mondays is to provide an elopement ceremony to our active military, free of charge, as an alternative to a courthouse civil ceremony. Each couples receives a romantic seaside elopement ceremony spiritual and Christian elements not available in a courthouse civil ceremony.

Proudly Serving those that Serve us at two beautiful locations in San Diego & North County

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Bali Hai Restaurant and Oceanside Marina Suites

The ceremony is limited to the couple and 4 witnesses only.

This is not a wedding, this is an alternative to going to the courthouse. There are no save the date cards, park permits, no invitations, giving away of the bride, there are no chairs, altar, flower petals, processionals, recessionals, etc..

  • Full-Time ACTIVE Military ONLY.
  • Military ID Required. (Reserve, Retired, etc. not eligible)
  • No Vow Renewal services.
  • Couple MUST have valid marriage license. (No License, No Ceremony!)
  • Booking request can be made no more than 4 weeks out.
  • Free elopement services are ONLY offered on Mondays. No exceptions!
  • Only 4 additional witnesses. No exceptions.



Is the elopement ceremony really free?
Yes, there is no charge on our part at all for the elopement ceremony or the filing of your marriage license on your behalf with the County Clerk following the elopement (if requested). Most military couples wish to file the license themselves to help speed up the process with the County Clerk.

Are there any costs?
Yes; the cost of the Marriage License (Public or Confidential) and the fee the County Clerk/Recorder imposes for a registered copy of your license once processed. These costs are paid directly to the County Clerk/Recorder.

Do you or any other vendors expect any type of payment, gratuity or gift?
There is no payment due for your elopement ceremony. Each and every volunteer associated with Military Mondays is a premier, professional wedding vendor from the area who is donating time, talent and/or product to your special ceremony. With this said, all we ask is that be mindful that these services are indeed a gift. At a minimum, be gracious. As for a gratuity or gift, that’s up to you…

We were already married in a quick civil ceremony, can we still have an elopement?
Sorry No. We do however offer Elopement services where you can invite family and friends OR Vow Renewal services through Say I Do Again™ on other days of the week. We understand that you wish this service was available when the two of you got married however, for us to turn away another couple because we have booked time with another couple who is already married, just would not be right and we appreciate your understanding.

Are we required to attend premarital marriage classes or counseling?
Not at all.

Do we need a witness?
You will need at least one witness for a “public license” ceremony. No witness is needed for a “confidential license” ceremony. In most cases, the Military Mondays™ photographer and/or Chaplain Mary and Rev. Christopher are present and can also act as the witness for you.

Why are you offering this?
It’s just a way for us to say “Thank You” to those that serve our country, no matter the branch of service, rank or time in the military. You do have the choice; get married in a quick civil ceremony at the local courthouse by the Justice of the Peace or Clerk or join us seaside in a more romantic setting.

What type of ceremony will our elopement be?
In addition to being romantic with a beautiful view, it’s your choice… we serve as Chaplains; this allows us the opportunity to observe all faiths, beliefs and yes, even non-beliefs. Unlike the civil ceremony at the courthouse, you may request as much spirituality or observance of your faith as you wish!

How many people can join us?
FOUR (4) more people can join you. Sorry, no exceptions. Remember this is an alternative to the courthouse. If you wish to have an elopement with a larger group of family and friends, we do offer Elope to San Diego services Tuesday through Sunday at various seaside locations.

Can we have chairs and an altar?
No, this is an elopement, this is not a way to get a free wedding ceremony; it’s an alternative for the two of you going to the courthouse. As long as you’re not taking advantage of us, we’re here to serve you!

What about acts of celebration?
Sure, we allow the Sand Ceremony or the Lei ceremonies to be added. Just be sure to bring the items with you and we’ll include them in your elopement ceremony.

What about photography?
You will have professional images of your ceremony taken and provided free of charge and copyright free. Your friends are more than welcome to take as many photos of the celebration as they wish.

What about signing a photo/video release?
By requesting Military Mondays elopement services; you are agreeing to the following in addition too any other release an individual photographer/videographer may ask for.

+ Any and all images may be used by the individual photographer and Vows From The Heart Ministries for advertising and marketing purposes without any compensation.

+ If a Military Mondays photographer volunteers their services, all images (high quality) will be given to the couple AND Vows From The Heart Ministries with Copyright Release for non commercial use and printing.

+ Images WILL BE USED in Social Media (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, etc.). We do not participate in confidentiality agreements for Military Mondays. If you are in a position or are a member of an elite military group, we encourage you continue your ceremony services with the County Clerk.

Can we hire our own professional Photographer, Videographer, etc.?
NO, This would defeat the entire philosophy of Military Mondays; which is to provide elopement services to active military members as an alternative to the courthouse ceremony.

+ Let’s be honest, if you can afford a professional wedding photographer or other professional,  you can afford to use our Elope to San Diego services. Keep in mind that it would be insulting to all of us that are donating our time, talent and resources to make this a special day for you, knowing someone else is actually getting paid.

Do I have to be stationed locally?
Not at all, if either of you are FULL TIME ACTIVE MILITARY and the two of you can be here on a Monday, and if we’re available, let’s make the magic happen!

Do I have to wear my uniform?
We would prefer it of course but, this is an elopement and you can wear whatever you wish. Besides, this is San Diego; shorts and flip-flops are considered proper attire on the beach for an elopement! Ask us to wear beach attire and we’re in!

Where do you offer these elopements?
We currently offer our services at: Oceanside at the Oceanside Marina Hotel and San Diego at the Bali Hai Restaurant lawn on Shelter Island (based on availability).

Are there restrictions to the locations and times?
Yes, we offer this service on our availability and on a first come, first served basis. For example; if we have already scheduled a sunset elopement in Oceanside, then all other requests for elopement services on that specific Monday will take place at that location working backwards from that sunset time already booked. If we already have a ceremony scheduled at Noon, additional requests will go forward from there and so on.

Do you offer services on Holidays?
Sorry NO. Not that we don’t want to be part of the magic but, getting anywhere near the coast, beach or park in San Diego on a Holiday is next to impossible. Also, County offices are closed and obtaining a license is not available. There are a few Mondays that we will be out of town and unavailable as well.

What do you need from us?
The two of you and a valid California Marriage License and Military Identification showing current active Military status! Plus, we also ask for the following….

+ Be courteous. If you change your mind; (which does happen from time to time), call us and tell us so I’m not sitting at the location waiting for you. Also, please send us an email fro, the same email address where your confirmation was sent.

+ Be on time if not early!; If you’re running late, you may have to wait for the next opportunity that day or reschedule for another time. On busy days, there is no room for tardiness.

+ Be understanding; If we become ill or traffic issues arise.

+ Be understanding; Things happen and you may have to continue with your original plans with a ceremony with the County Clerk.

+ Because everything we offer, including some of the additional services at NO COST… We WILL NOT be held responsible for ANYTHING in the event your ceremony must be cancelled.

+ Any financial loss in YOUR planning (i.e. transportation, accommodations, transportation, floral, clothing, etc.) is your financial loss alone.

Are you available last minute?
If we’re available, of course! Just give us a few hours to get everything together and I’m there for you!

How do we make it happen?
Fill out the online form, put in the Monday(s) that would work best for you and I will send you back an email with what is available. It’s really that easy!

What happens if it’s raining or rain is in forecast?
ALL Military Mondays celebrations are subject to RAIN CANCELLATION. We will send cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior if there is a forecast of rain. Couples may book another date by returning to this website and reapply for another posted available date.

READ THE ABOVE BEFORE FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW: By filling out the form below and requesting our services, you agree to EVERYTHING WRITTEN ABOVE. If you did not read it in its entirety, we suggest you take the time to do so to avoid any and all miscommunications in our services and what is being offered.


The following must be filled in and checked in order to complete your request!

Full name of person that is making this request (required)

Email (required)

 I have read in full the questions and answers above and understand fully how the process works.
 In addition, I understand and agree that if we are late and/or violate any of the above, our ceremony will be cancelled.
Is this a Same Gender Ceremony?
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Person 1 Full Name (required)

Branch of Military and current rank (if applicable)

Person 1 Email (required)

Person 1 Age (required)

Person 1 Cell Number (required)

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Person 2 Full Name (required)

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Mailing Address (required)

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PLEASE NOTE: Do not request dates more than 4 weeks from today's date. We will not reply to any requests with dates farther than 4 weeks from today. Upcoming Dates Available (subject to change) If you do not see the date listed, it is NOT available (We try to update dates available bi-monthly).

ALL Military Mondays ceremonies are subject to RAIN CANCELLATION. We will send cancellation notice at least 48 hours prior if there is a forecast of rain. Couples may book another date by returning this website to reapply for a posted available date.

Mondays NOT available the remainder of 2016: November 28th, December 26th and January 2, 2017.

NOTE: You may request the time preference below however, availability will be based on prior reservations. You will be sent an email with the time and location available for your requested date(s) above......

Elopement Time Desired:

NOTE: We do our best to accommodate location requests however there is NO GUARANTEE. The location is based on availability and appointments already booked.

Elopement Location Choice:

Number of guests anticipated: You are LIMITED to 4 witnesses, No Exceptions!


Type of Ceremony

Special Act of Celebration if desired (remember to bring items)


We will, upon your request, speak with local Wedding Professionals and ask them to help. Would you like us to check and see if we can find a Wedding Photographer, Wedding Videographer, Florist and Musician to donate their services for your elopement?

NOTE: There is no guarantee anyone will be able to assist us in helping to make your elopement even more special, all we can do is ask.......

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